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About the Project: Advisory Services to the Ministry of Energy of Georgia

The United States Agency for International Development, through CORE International, Inc., (CORE) is providing advisory services to the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Georgia in a host of energy sector issues including national energy policy reform, energy sector reform and governance improvement.

Text Box: PICTURE TO BE PROVIDED    After the "Rose Revolution" in 2003, the previous Ministry of Energy was dissolved, and the new Ministry was established. The new organization is working hard to resolve the most pressing problems in the Energy Sector of Georgia, including overcoming electricity shortages, reconstruction of old and construction of new generating facilities, and overcoming severe nonpayment for electricity. To aide in implementing reforms, CORE supports the Ministry in developing new legislation and amendments to existing energy laws, implementing modern energy regulatory approaches and market structures, and resolving energy security and vulnerability issues.

CORE is working with various energy sector stakeholders including consumers, service providers, policy makers, and politicians to create wide-scale understanding of the role energy plays in the overall economic development of Georgia . CORE's primary areas of assistance include: (1) medium and long term sector strategy development, (2) public awareness and public participation approaches to engaging the public in an informed dialog on energy sector reforms, (3) development of a Ministry-wide energy management information system, and (4) assisting the Ministry in the day-to-day sector policy issues.

This three year activity is funded through USAID's People, Energy and Development Indefinite Quantity Contract ( P.E.D. IQC ). CORE implements the project from its local office in Tbilisi , co-located with the Ministry of Energy in Georgia . Established in September 2004, the office is staffed with an international and local team of experts in energy policy, engineering, law, communications and outreach, and public participation.

Technical activities conducted during the first year of the project focused on the following areas:


About the Project | Strategic Planning & Capacity Building | Public Awareness | Regulatory & Policy Framework
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