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Established in 1984, CORE International, Inc. is an international management consulting firm providing services to international development agencies, multilateral development banks, developing country governments and industry in the energy, water, transportation, telecommunications, environment, and other major infrastructure sectors.

Economic development is tied to the greatest resource that a country has to offer—namely its people. With this understanding, CORE International, Inc. establishes linkages and works with local and national governments, non-governmental organizations, companies and industry associations, community representatives and officials to foster "Development Through International Partnerships."

CORE International is implementing a Technical Assistance Project aimed at developing an IPP and Investment market framework for private power investments in Namibia.


AFURCORE International’s Chief Executive Officer, Vinod Shrivastava, provided the Keynote Speech at the African Forum for Utility Regulators’ (AFUR) 5th Annual Conference in Accra, Ghana, April 28-29, 2008.  A summary of the Conference and other CORE International activities with our client, AFUR, are discussed in the AFUR Bulletin. Mr. Shrivastava’s presentation was entitled “Regulatory Non-Discrimination, Promotion of Competition, and Protection of Investors.”  The presentation provided the theme for the Conference and set the tone for open discussion of key regulatory issues affecting regulators throughout the continent.  View Presentation.



In Zambia, CORE is providing assistance to the Electricity Regulatory Board (ERB), the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) and the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP). "Assistance and Advisory Services for Energy Sector Transformation (AASET)"

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The Energy Travel Task Order is a versatile and cutting edge program that allows energy stakeholders and decision makers from across the globe to attend conferences, workshops, and other key international forums related to energy. 

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